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Wow, it's been a while

2010-09-25 17:23:46 by Namegoeshere

Well, as you can see I have been getting progressively better with my music, so I have made myself a soundcloud account and a Facebook Fan page that I want you guys to check out and maybe even share with others to help spread the word.

FB Page:!/pa ges/Lightyear/105156282880552?ref=ts


Keep the ratings rolling in and keep an eye out for future tunes. Thanks for all the votes, feedback, downloads, and other shit I may be forgetting from you guys. I love you all.

-Nour a.k.a "Lightyear"

My music

2009-08-13 15:05:52 by Namegoeshere

If you go through my music from first song to the latest, you'll have noticed that I improve pretty quickly. I'm just going to let you, I have finally started picking up on that Spor style I've always sought out to learn.

Just wait till' you here some of my newer shit ;)

New pics and layout

2009-07-07 14:02:51 by Namegoeshere

Aww yeah! New pics, all Photoshoped by me. Tell me what you think of em'.

Help me troll someone

2009-07-01 02:23:06 by Namegoeshere

Hey guys, a bit of news. Some random douchnozzle added me on MSN so I tried to troll the n****r. I didn't fully do what I wanted to so I'll need a bit of help from you guys.

His MSN is, please help a n***a, troll a n***a. Do whatever it takes. Rickrolls, goatse, gay porn, to get this guy good.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Just for future instances

2009-03-30 22:47:08 by Namegoeshere

Just to let you know, I go by the DJ name of "DJ Lightyear". I wanted to clear that up befire I post anything that has to do with DJ Lightyear.