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Help me troll someone

2009-07-01 02:23:06 by Namegoeshere

Hey guys, a bit of news. Some random douchnozzle added me on MSN so I tried to troll the n****r. I didn't fully do what I wanted to so I'll need a bit of help from you guys.

His MSN is, please help a n***a, troll a n***a. Do whatever it takes. Rickrolls, goatse, gay porn, to get this guy good.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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2009-07-01 03:14:55

Why don't you just block his e-mail address?


2009-07-01 06:49:55

DIY lazy ass.


2009-07-01 06:50:50

Seriously, can't you make a new MSN or something if you're that desperate to fuck around with him?


2009-07-01 10:47:30

KuiteKatie : Nice try

CrispyZero : He blocked me first.

Alex-Shelly : For the love of God, never make another post or comment in your life You're too retarded to have kids. Please, learn to at least spell or just plain die.

Bahamut : I Cbf to make a new MSN account and like I said, he blocked me first.

To anyone else about to comment, if you're not going to help, fuck off and post a comment.