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Great but...

It will not let me finish the flash. As soon as it fully loads, it stops playing and freezes up. I can only watch about half of it by doing the rick click > play technique.

Great work

I kind of like this piece, it was very well done. Although that guy with the huge nose scared me to shit.


Its a really well animated flash, but it gos stiff, a LOT. You need to have the stickman sort of "ease" to a stop to make it look better movement wise. Other than that, it was a pretty enjoyable animation.

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Seriously, great game.

I got up to 83, spacebars always screw me over :c

I keep getting stuck :c

This game is great, but I keep getting stuck on level 8. I build the bridge, but he can't make it back with a case for some odd reason.

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My face is melting

Christ, that was a powerful tune. I love the drums and the main synth all so much. This song gives me a sudden energy burst, I freaking love it.

Would've been better

This would've been so much better imo if you hadn't used that jungle drum loop and maybe made your own. Besides from that, it's a really nice, atmospheric tune.

SeanLawrence responds:

The drum loop actually is my own, just with the VOICE samples of the Think Break, but thanks for the 9 :)

Hahaha, great stuff.

This tune is fucking wonderful man, I love the whole thing. The main synth gives me a nostalgic feeling because it sounds an awful lot like a song from the Sonic series. Everything is lovely sounding too, great tune mate.

TiGeR responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for the review!

Haha ^^, yeah I agree that the lead synth sounds quite game-ish. It was actually quite the sound I was looking for while making this song, so I'm happy I found it :).

Stay tuned for more songs in the future!



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